Fashion for people with special needs.

Well-being, taking care, protecting, supporting, helping, moving, beautification

Meet all these terms in the apparel of Wi-Care.

Fashion of Wi-Care also provides freedom, sovereignty, dignity, security, beauty, modernity, integration, inclusion, warmth, independency, identity, more time and less workload.  

These people love Wi-Care, pregnant women, women with small children, businesswomen,  wheelchair users, people with physical disability, people with mental health problems, nursing staff, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. 

Wilma Verhoeks – the person behind Wi-care

It’s now 17 years ago that Wilma Verhoeks managing director of Wi-Care started her own company in the Dutch city Geldermalsen, close to Utrecht.

As often happens, it was her personal life that brought her where she is now.

Wilma was working as teacher on a school for fashiondesign.

Her friend Anni was working in a nursing home and told her how heavy it was to take care and dress and undress disabled and elderly people. 

During these conversations the first product of Wi-Care was created, a trouser for a lady with a spinal cord injury.  This 55 years old lady fell out of a tree during cherry picking and was paralyzed since that moment.  The new trouser gave her better quality of live while she was also dressed fashionable and functional.

Since then Wilma visited many nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Holland and created functional fashion for the people with special needs.

Legendary are the Wi-Care capes which give freedom of movement in a fashionable way to wheelchair users, businesswomen , pregnant women and women with small children.

The tear resistant jumpsuit for demented people and people with mental health problems, or the orthopaedic wheelchair jackets are loved.

Since 2015 is Wi-Care also available in Germany and from the first moment very wanted.

Special to the brand Wi-Care is the best quality of the materials, the functionality and the fashionable design. This gives the people who wear the fashion of Wi-Care Fashion Line a feeling of looking good and chic.

“My son wears La Coste and I wear Wi-Care”  By this quote of a client which is a wheelchair user since a couple of years becomes clear what Wi-Care can mean for people and their quality of life.

The Wi-Care products of the Easy Help programme support the nursing staff and gives the client comfort.

Thank you Wilma for bringing Wi-Care also to Germany.